AN440 RFID Antenna

AN440 RFID Antenna

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Dimensions 22.6 inches L x 10.2 inches W x 1.32 inches D (575.1 mm L x 259.1 mm W x 33.52 mm D)
Connectors 2 x Type N female
Connector Position Back
Mounting Bracket Integrated mounting holes
Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg )
Casing UV Stable ASA
Radome Material UV Stable ASA, White


AN440 RFID Antenna

The rectangular AN440 antenna is designed to deliver faster, more accurate communication of EPC-compliant passive tag data to your RFID readers. So even in RF-challenging environments, you get longer read ranges and higher levels of performance. Your workflow keeps flowing, your inventory count stays accurate and your productivity can reach new heights.


This model is project based and price depends on project & customization, please call for price.