IA33D / IA33E RFID Antenna

IA33D / IA33E RFID Antenna

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Brand Honeywell
Intermec Model Number IA33D IA33E
RFID Frequency Ranges 865 – 870 MHz
Gain 6.0 dBi
E-Plane Beamwidth 82 degrees (half power)
Mounting Hardware Adaptable Load Backrest Mounting Included


IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell mounted into ALBRs are flexible and configurable for quick and inexpensive reconfigurations to support changing application needs such as converting from pallet tag reading to case level reading. This modular approach enables IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cellto be interchangeable for quick replacement of damaged parts lessening slow downs in a busy operation. IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell are available in both FCC and ETSI frequencies.