Photocopy Machine at the Best Price in Bangladesh


How it Photocopy Machine Works

Photocopier is a machine usually with a technology called xerography that is a dry process that uses electrostatic charges creating heat, pressure or a combination of both resulting on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and then transfer toner particles (a powder) onto paper in the form of an image. Later in 2010 the photocopier machine was equipped with fax, scanner and network-connected multi-function to increase its credibility among the users. This highly functional device is expert in copying documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply for business, education, and government sectors.

Where to buy a photocopy machine in Bangladesh?

Star Tech has all the variety of photocopy machine brands such as HPToshibaCanonSHARP, and RICOH at best price in Bangladesh. We provide the original products with brand warranty at best service of shipping and installing the machine to your home and business places. This multifunction device has the capability of copying, scan, fax, print and copy at minimal cost that is profitable for the customer.