AN610 Slimline RFID Antenna

AN610 Slimline RFID Antenna

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Brand Zebra
Type gain Flat panel, slim line, ultra-low profile picture frame aesthetic antenna 1.0 dBiLi
Frequency Range US and Canada: 902-928 MHz, Europe: 864-868 MHz
Operating Temp -22 Degree F to +149 Degree F/-30 Degree C to +65 Degree C
Class Business, Industrial-indoor and Industrial-outdoor
Weight 1.3 lbs./ 0.6 kg
Casing Superior Kydex
Polarization L Circular
Connector Type “N” female


Product Description

Space-saving and stylish, The AN610 is a smaller slim line, ultra-low profile antenna that is suitable for use in indoor environments. 

Used for:

  • Below Counter or Above Counter RFID Pad
  • POS or Endcap Displays
  • Ceilings and Walls to Create Superior Read Zones around Shelves
  • Indoor Manufacturing Environment

Product Description:

  • The ultra-low profile AN610 Slimline Antenna offers the “picture frame” discreet aesthetics needed in smaller workspaces such as boutique apparel shops and bookstores.
  • This easy-to-mount, space-saving and stylish antenna is discreet enough for businesses with the most discerning customers, yet rugged enough to handle everyday life wherever you need
  • RFID reader: In a doorway, on an end-cap display, on shelves, above the counter as an RFID pad, or on the wa


This model is project based and price depends on project & customization, please call for price.