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Zebra DS2278 Barcode Scanner

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Key Features
  • Type : Hand-held
  • Distance 762 mm
  • Cordless scanning : Bluetooth®
  • Max. range 10 m

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Zebra DS2278 Imager Black Hand-held USB, Bluetooth

Low-cost 1D/2D barcode scanner for mobile applications

2D barcodes are at the checkout omnipresent: you are on purchases as well as on electronic vouchers and customer cards. If the new 2D barcodes with the existing 1D scanner cannot be registered, it is at this last and most important personal point of contact of the charging business delays and angry customers. With the DS2200-series, you can, on the other hand, all scanning. This affordable 1D/2D imager if the performance and the functional scope no compromises. Your employees will receive a first-class device for easy and reliable detection of bar codes. Deployment and Management of this imager could not be simpler. And you can for the model that best meets your requirements - the wired DS 2208 or the wireless DS2278.* The DS2200 Series - affordable enough for every budget and in deployment, operation, and management simple enough for each business.

Easy to implement

Pre-configured and ready for immediate use
Because the default settings are optimized for the major part of the scanning applications, you can use the imager the DS2200-series without configuration from the beginning productive.

Car host detection cable
Connect the DS2200-series easily with your POS system, and thanks to the auto-host-detection cable is automatically identified and integrated into the interface of the imager, which the establishment significantly simplified and accelerated.

Easy integration with tablet-based POS systems
The DS2200 series offers all the necessary functions for scanning on tablet based POS systems in high quality. The Micro-USB charger cable is a cost-effective alternative to a charging station. And thanks to our simplified tools to app-entwicklung can you use the DS2200-series easily via the tablet configure and update.

Worldwide use
The DS2200 series supports 97 international keyboards and can therefore be provided in each country.

Easy configuration with 123Scan
These related software is so intuitive, that even inexperienced users an imager the DS2200-series set up very easily. With the wizard-based interface can make all the settings can easily be embedded in a single barcode, you only need to scan your device to configure.

Backward compatible with cables of the Zebra LS2208-series
If you already have with the 1D scanners LS2208 Zebra, you can also with the DS2200-series their universal cable. You benefit also from your investment in accessories and lower the costs for conversion to a 1D/2D scanner.


Immediate decode thanks to PRZM Intelligent Imaging
The PRZM-software decoding algorithm of Zebra for the DS2200 Series delivers even with poor quality bar codes in superior scan results. Thus you can take advantage of your employees at the checkout from the outset by reliable scanning performance and increased productivity.

Unsurpassed Scan Range
Thanks to the high scan range (1.23 to 36.8 cm) is the payment process at the checkout is accelerated and the training effort is reduced.

Easy target scanning
Through the omni-directional scanning, the imager - differently than with 1D Scanners - are no longer precisely aligned.

Patent-pending technology for highly intuitive Objectives
Since the finish line of the at the familiar 1D scanners is similar to your employees are not transferred, you must live. In addition, the target line a reference to the ideal distance from the bar code, which is useful mainly for wide barcodes.

Optimal pair

Thanks to the industry's unique scan to connect technology, the wireless DS2278in a single step be coupled with any Bluetooth-enabled PCs or smartphones.

Quick, easy and flexible charging
Connect the imager via the Micro-USB cable directly to the host or a wall socket to the DS2278in only one hour to recharge it. With the presentation station, the hands-free scanning, is the DS2278in only four hours charged. In the presentation station, the battery is also charged during operation. And as for the presentation station no separate power supply is required, must be less accessories and can be managed.

Increased productivity through direct Decode Indicator
The light aligned on the bar code flashes, the successful decode. It is also very loud environments immediately tell whether a bar code has been entered correctly.

Fast change between your handheld and hands-free operation
Both the wired DS 2208 as well as the wireless DS2278can be easily inserted into the presentation stand to be automatically and without change of settings in the hands-free operation.

Guaranteed battery power for a complete layer
Thanks to its running time of 14 hours is the wireless Imager DS2278available any time and must not be charged during the working time.

The scanner control via smartphone, tablet or PC
On Windows, Android and iOS hosts you can define the settings for the signal tone, LED and symbol set control, the scanned bar code data displays, model and serial number to retrieve and much more.

Circuit with Bluetooth interference thanks to Wi-Fi friendly mode of zebra
Ensure that your wireless bluetooth imager DS2278only on their own channels work and not the WLAN connections for employees and customers.

Long battery life
The long-lasting 2400-m Ah-Lithium-ion battery in the wireless DS2278must generally never be replaced. Thus reducing the total cost of ownership and the administrative effort, because you do not need to make any spare batteries and can be managed.

Free tools fulfill high administrative and development requirements
When working with imagern at several locations, all devices with the help of our SMSAnwendung (Scanner Management Service) via remote access can be managed. You need a custom scan application? In our scanner SDKs (Software Development Kits), you'll find everything you need, including test documentation, drivers, utilities, and example source code for Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

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Highlights & Details

  • Bluetooth area imager for 1D/2D barcodes in Retail
  • Reliable connection of up to 10 m range
  • Up to 100,000 scans with one battery charge (14 hours of operation)
  • Over 90 international keyboard layouts pre-installed
  • Supports easy remote management


  • Scanner, USB cable, loading/transfer station (presentation), Quick Start Guide.

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